Batido de Mango with Chia Seeds & Almond Milk

Batido de Mango1 Mango is one of those tropical fruits that you either love or hate. Yes, I know it is slimy, I’ve heard that! Let me tell you that it is also sweet, juicy and packed with nutrients that you wouldn’t believe. Their flavor varies depending on the type, there are many varieties of Mango. For me, it’s a fruit near and dear to my heart because I miss the mango season and I miss the tree in my mom’s backyard. I guess when you have something at your fingertips you take it for granted (happens often with everything in life, doesn’t it?). We used to eat them daily during the season. All we had to do was just grab it from the tree, peel it with your own teeth and eat away; no knife or special tool required 🙂 One of the easiest ways my mom used mangoes was to cut it up, put in a blender with some water or milk, ice, sugar and it was ready to drink.

A picture from my mom's mango tree!
A picture from our mango tree back in Venezuela!

Here in Madison I buy mangoes at the store, granted that it will never be the same as picking them from our tree but it does the job. I add mango to salads, salsa, sweet treats, and of course, drinks! Last Sunday I was home with my boy and asked him to help me make this smoothie. He was super excited to help, because he loves mango too! I cut up the fruit and he did the rest. Then he waited “patiently” until I was done taking pictures for this post, because he wanted to drink “the one” I was posting in the blog. By the way, when I say “patiently” I mean jumping around asking every 2 seconds “can I drink it yet?” 🙂 We sat on the swing in the backyard and drank up our Batido de Mango as we soaked up the sun that afternoon. As I sat there and stare at my baby I had a big smile, knowing that even thou we are far away from the place where I grew up; I am lucky to be able to tell my kids my story and savor some of the flavors from my childhood together.

Here is a simple recipe if you want to try a different drink this summer. It is not the traditional batido but yet a really good one! Drink up and Enjoy!

Ingredients: Batido de Mango - Ingredients

2 Cups of diced Mango
1 1/2 Cup of Almond Milk*
1 Tbsp. Chia Seeds
1 Tbsp. Agave 1 Cup crushed ice
Batido de Mango - Collage
Add all the ingredients into a blender and blend on high for 2 minutes. Transfer to a serving glass, garnish with mint (optional) and serve. Makes 4 servings of about 6 oz. each.

batido de mango2 batido de mango4 batido de mango5 *You could use regular milk or whichever kind of milk you normally put on cereal.

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